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To be able to use this service we only require that you register with Open Properties. This is a very short process and can be completed in a couple of minutes.

By doing so you will be able to upload your own properties to this website for free and get and enquiries past on to you via e-maill or by text.

Additionally you will be able to download certain tenant and landlord documents as well as being able to access our landlord services where we can put you in touch with any maintenance services you require for your area.

If you have a property you want advertised not only on Open Properties why not upgrade to Let Only Service or Full Property Management?
For More information visit out Property Management Services Page.
Or if you already know what service you would like to upgrade to then purchase them directly using the buttons below.
-All your properties and details will naturally be retained and no additional details will be required

Let Only Service Full Property Management

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