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Below you will find a range of answers to Landlords frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Should I reference my tenants?Referencing tenants will enable you to understand if they can afford the rent, if they have any previous arrears and how they have treated their previous rental property. All these factors can help you to make an educated decision on the type of tenant you would like.Can I keep the deposit?

No. By law all deposits taken must be lodged within one of the three government approved deposit schemes.

What repairs am I responsible for?

Any damages caused by the tenant should be fixed /made good by the tenant. All other malfunctions within the apartment should be dealt with by the landlord. If you own a leasehold property some items may be covered within your lease by the freeholder. You should read this document before you allow a tenant into your property. For assistance with repairs visit

Do I need to furnish my property?

No. You can rent your property unfurnished, part furnished or fully furnished depending on the requests of your tenant.

Who is responsible for the council tax?

It is the landlords responsibility to pay for the council tax when the property is vacant. When the property is rented the tenants will have to ensure it is paid for.

Do I need an EPC?

By law every property that is being marketed for rent will have to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate. For a free no obligation quote please go to

What do I do if there is Gas to the property?

You will have to have a valid in date Gas Safety Certificate. This will be carried out by a qualified engineer. If you would like assistance or a quote see

What happens with the insurance?

Tenants are responsible for their own goods and should provide their own contents insurance. The landlord should provide contents insurance for any furnishing, fixtures and fittings. Building insurance will be needed. This may be covered in your lease if your own a leasehold property. For a quote please go to

Can I visit the property?

Yes you can, provided you give the tenant 24 hours written notice.

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