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Below you will find a range of answers to Tenants frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much is my rent, when is it due and what is included within my rent?

So there is no miss understanding with your rent your, payment dates and what you are entitled to with in your rent this should be set out within an agreed tenancy agreement.

How long is my tenancy agreement and what happens when it ends?

Tenancy generally last for 6 or 12 months you may be able to continue a tenancy agreement if there are no problems during your time.

Who deals with repairs and maintenance?

Landlords are responsible for keeping the property in order you should ensure you have full contact details of the property owner or managing agent to insure you can report any issues and have them responded to quickly.

What documents do I need to see before I move in?

It is common practice to have a gas certificate an energy performance certificate and also an inventory.

What happens to my deposit?

This will be lodged within one of three government schemes for safe keeping by your landlord or managing agent.

Can I make changes?

Major changes to the property that the landlord would have to do should be discussed before moving into the property. If you are thinking of making major changes yourself you have to ensure you have the consent of the property owner.

Can I bring a pet?

This will be decided by the landlord at the start of the tenancy. If the landlord has declined your request for a pet you will be in breach of your contract if you allow a pet in your property. There may be a head lease if you are renting a leasehold property where the terms may object.

What if I need to move early?

You will most likely be liable for the remainder of your contract if you have not asked for a break clause at the start of your tenancy. The landlord may allow you to move another tenant into the property as your replacement but they will most likely have to go through the reference check, create a new inventory, etc.

Do I need insurance or does my landlord’s insurance cover this?

You will need to provide your own contents insurance to protect your personal items as the landlord insurance will only cover the building and any of the landlords fixtures and fittings. You can get a quote for contents insurance here


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